Elo boosting – Punishments You Should Expect

Elo boosting is a practice that’s very common today in many players of League of Legends. With Elo boosting, low ranking players are able to increase their MMR by letting another player a ranked game in their stead. Though it may seem like any innocent act, Elo boosting is actually eligible for punishment for this.

As you probably already realize, Elo boosting is a way that players can increase their MMR in the fastest way and that is by letting another player play a ranked game for them. But with the League’s system being closely monitored, you are probably going to get detected one way or another. If you are prepared with consequences of Elo boosting, by no means go. But before anything else, it might be good to first know the kinds of punishments laid out if you practice MMR boosting. On that note, continue reading this article to know more about Elo boosting and what you can expect when you decide to get a boost in your MMR this way. (more…)

5 Facts About League of Legends ELO Boosting That Will Shake you to the Core!

Sure enough League of Legends and the concept of ELO Boosting in it is more than enough to grab your attention. However, what about the certain facts and tidbits regarding the game and the infamous ELO Boost associated with it?

Understanding the complicated process of ELO Boosting might not spark interest in you, but a few fun facts regarding the League of Legends and ELO Boosting might be surprisingly interesting to most of you.

We have rounded up the 5 most intriguing facts about League of legend ELO Boosting. Read on and be prepared to be blown away! (more…)

How Duo Queue ELO boosting is perfect for you

While buying the ELO boosting services most of the people prefer the solo boosting as they consider it cheap and fast. They do not understand the fact that solo services will increase their risk of being caught and they will have to face severe consequences like a permanent ban.

The Duo Queue or the dynamic boosting services are a better option as they will help you reach the higher rank quickly. Here we have some of the reason that how Duo is the best. (more…)

Tips on How to Get the Best Elo Boost

If you are a League of Legend player, there will be that time when you realize that your stats are not looking very good. You could have been grouped with a team that is poor in skills or your skills are not that sharp. You are low on points and ranking while the season is nearing the end. You need points quickly but you don’t have the serious skills to climb ranks fast enough to collect those beloved season end rewards. This is when you need Elo boosting.
Sometimes you will try elo boosting with limited success. Your ranking get compromised. This could be because you are new to lol and have not acquired the right skills to perform better to rise high in the ranks before season ends.
Elo boosting is the only sure way of getting to the top ranks in a short time. You will need to get to Gold level at the minimum to get good rewards. For this to happen, you will need a good boosting service that is smart and with players possessing good skills. (more…)